Lime Oil

Lime Oil

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Lime also called as citrus fruit is round green and approximately 2.4 inches in diameter. It is a good source of vitamin C & is used in food & beverages. They grow annually and are small and less sour than lemons. Lime juice squeezed from fresh lime is used in mock tails & cocktails and Extracts & oil is used in Perfumes cleaning products & aromatherapy. Dried lime is used as flavoring agent and is an essential ingredient of any cuisine of India. Lime leaves are used as an herb. India alone produces worlds 16% of lime production.

Lime oil is obtained by cold compression of fresh lime peels or steam distillation of dried peels.

Synonyms: Citron, Lime, Citrus aurentifolia
Botanical Name: Citrus aurentifolia
Part Used: Peel, unripe skin
Color: Pale yellow to light olive
Viscosity: Watery in viscosity
Perfumery note: Citrus Peel smell
Shelf Life: Two years
Density: 0.830-0.910
Refractive Density: 1.470-1.482

The chemical composition of Lime oil is beta pinene, alpha pinene, limonene, myrcene, terpinolene, linalool, 1-8 ceneole, borneol, traces of neral acetate, citral and geranyl acetate.

Lime oil blends with other essential oils but it is particularly blends well with lavender, ylang ylang, clary sage and neroli oil.


It is used in pickles, marmalades, jams, sauces, beverages, cosmetics & other industrial products.
It has antiseptic properties and can cure infections on skin & wounds.
It can prevent tetanus.
When consumed it cure throat, stomach, intestine & mouth infections.
It can cure viral infections. It cures cough, cold, measles and helps in curing bronchitis.
It is an astringent & cures toothaches, it tightens loose muscles.
It serves as an appetizer.
It has disinfectant properties Protects food from getting spoiled by microbes.
It is used in treatment of food poisoning, typhoid & diarrhea.
It protects skin & wounds from infections.
It tones up muscles, tissues & skin.
It has cleansing properties.
It can reduce pain in muscles & joints as it is a great antioxidant.
It helps in retaining youth for long time because of its restorative properties.
It supports natural weight loss.
Lime oil can cause photosensitivity if exposed to direct sunlight for long hours after its application.
In case of:
Eye Contact: If Lime oil comes in contact with eye, wash eye with plenty of water till 15 minutes, remove contact lances. If serious condition then call doctor immediately it may be dangerous.
Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothes and footwear if Lime oil comes in contact with skin, Wash thoroughly with fresh water at least 15 minutes. Inhalation: If lime oil is inhaled in high conc. Take the person to fresh air.

While handling do not drink and smoke .Keep the drum in cool and dark place temperature below 25°.

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