Clary Sage Oil

AOS 14
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   554
30 Gms 554
60 Gms 855
100 Gms 1256
200 Gms 2259
500 Gms 5268

Botanical Name: Salvia sclarea
Plant Part: Leaves and Flowers
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: Bulgaria

Clary Sage Oil:

Sage oil is extracted from saliva sclarea is genus in laminacea Family.Sage Oil have Proved to be useful in against neuro degenerative disorder.S. sclarea  is a short lived  perennial or biennial  subshrub.It is Native to the Mediterranean region, being currently cultivated in India and other countries. Clary Sage Oil is Steam Distilled from leaves and aerial parts of the plant. It has yield of 0.7% to 1%. Clary Sage Is some time also refer as “muscatel Oil” due to its use in ancient use in muscatel wine.

Clary Sage oil How to Use:

  • Clary Sage Oil is an excellent anti –dispersal by calming anxiety and depression.
  • Clary Sage Oil externally used for inflammation and infection, of the mucous membrane of mouth and throat
  • Clary Sage oil from ancient times is used in Middle East disorder and stomach ache.
  • Clary Sage oil can be directly applied to infections such as acne, cut, fungal infections, insect bites, boils.
  • Pure Clary Sage Oil as manufactures at AOS PRODUCTS is used to treat prosaic and eczema thickened scaling skin.


Sage Oil is a colorless to pale Yellow watery liquid. With characteristics of woody herbal odor of Sage Oil.

Chemical Properties:

Main component of sage oils are Linalyl acetate nearly, linalool and sclerol. Chemically oxygenated mono terpene is presented in highest quantity.


Clary Sage Oil is well mixed with other Essential oils and Carrier Oils, but immiscible in water.

Safety and precautions:

 Generally considered safe Clary Sage Oil but lactating mothers and young infants should only use on clinical advice.