Custard Apple Seed Oil

AOS 173
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   328
30 Gms 338
60 Gms 408
100 Gms 500
200 Gms 731
500 Gms 1425


Custard apple is a common name for a fruit, and the tree which bears it, Annonareticulate. It is extracted from seed of custard apple seeds. It is a small, well-branched tree or shrubfrom the family Annonaceae that bears edible fruits called sugar-apples or sweetsops.

Custard apple oil has various chemical compounds that include a- and ß-pinene, E-ocimene, germacrene-D, methyl and ethyl butanoate and methyl hexanoate. It is also used in many food products for flavoring purpose.

It is extracted from seeds of custard apple seed oil by cold pressed method.

Botanical name: Annona squamosal.
Color: Pale green to lemon green in color.

6 Impressive Benefits and Uses:

  1. It is used in the manufacture of soap and can be detoxified by an alkali treatment and used for edible purposes.
  2. It is good for skin rejuvenation.
  3. It helps to heal naturally skin infections.
  4. It is good for pimple-prone skin.
  5. It helps to prevent premature hair graying hair.
  6. It helps in delaying the ageing and keep skin youthful.

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