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Holy Basil oil is also known as Tulsi oil. It is used for its aromatic leaves, which are used in many Ayurvedic medicines and herbal tea. Pure oil of basil is basically a natural and culinary herb that belongs from the family of lamiaceae. Buy pure and 100% natural Holy Basil oil At best price directly from Manufacturer & Supplier. We are looking buyers from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, heydrabad, Chennai and Kolkata (west Bengal) who want to buy Basil essential oil online. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our holy basil oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method (named PayuMoney). So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Login and Buy Now

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Know About Holy Basil Oil:
Most of Asian basil has a clove like flavor and lemon basil have lemon flavor. There are many varieties of basil, sweet basil, holy basil, lemon basil, thai basil. Basil oil is derived from ocimum basilicum. It belongs to the lamiaceae or mint plant family. The name basil comes from Latin basilius and Greek word means kingly plant. It is native of India and other tropical regions from Africa to Southeast Asia, but now become globalized due to human cultivation.

Basil essential oil is a natural anti-viral, anti-biotic, anti-inflammatory and also has the properties of diuretic etc. Oil of basil has been used traditionally in several Asian countries including of India on where from several years it is in medicinal practice. Basil is known for its use in cases of stomach spasm, loss of appetite, fluid retention, head colds, warts and even intestinal worm infections. Basil essential oil is derived in the pure form by steam distillation process of leaves, flowers, and bud of basil plant.

Natural Basil oil has ability to motion sickness, treat nausea, inflammation, ingestion, respiratory problem and constipation etc. it also manage diabetes and fight from bacterial infections. It is find out from the plant of ocimum basilicum by steam distillation and one of the great facts about of this leaves as known as sweet basil oil in some places. In Europe country the leaves of basil is placed in the hands and ensure the dead to a safe journey. In India basil inserted in mouth of dying person to ensure they reach to God. The herb that is considered sacred, mainly because it represents to goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu. There is even an ancient tradition in India to worship this natural plant - water it and place lamp near it the best time is evening. Hindu believes that it brings good luck and protects their family from bad souls. Basil is sensitive to cold and grows best in hot climate. Basil is cultivated in several locations around the worldwide. Production are a include countries in the Mediterranean area.

Basil grows best outdoor. It can be grown indoor in a pot and like most herbs it grows in strong sunlight. It can grow in fluorescent light. Once the plant is allowed to flowers, basil seeds produces pods that contains small black seeds that can be easily saved and planted the following year.

Know About the Plant of Holy Basil Oil
Holy Basil is an annual herb that is 1m tall, with green colored leaves. The leaves are ovate in shape. Holy basil is a straight plant with many branches which is called sub shrub that is 15 to 20 cm tall with hairy stems. Leaves are green or some time purple in color, leaves are simple ovate in shape with petiole. The purple color flowers are placed in close whorls.

What Are the Main Component of Holy Basil Oil?
Main components of basil oil are linalool, eugenol, methyl chavicol, bergamotene, alpha-pinene, beta-pinene, camphene, myrcenne, Cis ocimene, camphor, limonene, citronella, y-terpineal, geraniol and methyl cinamate.

Uses & Health Benefits of Holy Basil Oil
1 -Due to the presence of eugenol in holy basil oil, it is used by dentists, to kill the germs and give relief from pain.
2 -Due to the presence of eugenol in holy basil, it is used as common ingredient in mouthwashes, soaps, toothpastes, insect repellents, foods, ­perfumes and various veterinary medications.
3 -Holy basil oil is used to treat common cold, fever, sore throat, headaches and kidney stones.
4 -Seeds of basil oil when soaked in water became gelatinous and are used in Asian drinks and desserts such as faluda.
5 -When used on the any problems related to skin, pure basil oil reputed to calm soothe, nourish, brighten complexion, repair, balance and exfoliate.
6 -Basil oil is a popular ingredient specially for beverages industries as it is useful in large from Italian foods such as salad, pizza and pasta etc.
7 -It is also used in pickles, sauces, pasta, meats.
8 -Due to the presence of chavicol, it is also used in aromatic applications.
9 -Holy basil oil is also used to treat respiratory diseases like asthma, bronchitis.
10 -Due to the presence of eugenol, it is used for treatment of itching caused by bites from honey bee, insect or even snake.
11 -Regularly using basil oil provides mental health and clarity.
12 - Due to antiseptic nature of linalool, it is helpful in treatment of blackheads, acne and skin infections.
13 -It has carminative properties and is used for treat stomach problems such as stomach ache, constipation, indigestion, flatulence.

How to use Basil Oil?

1 -It give relieve in cold and flu place one drop of oil on palm or on cloth and inhale directly, it will give relieve from blocked nose in cold.
2 -For relieve in headache and tension add three drops of basil oil , two drops of lavender oil and four drops of frankincense to a 10ml roller bottle fill rest of bottle with jojoba oil. Shake well and to use roll onto temples and back of neck, and shoulders to relieve pain.
3 -For focus and study ,aid by diffusing two drops of basil oil and three drops of lemon oil and two drops of rosemary oil.
4 -Add two drops of basil to one table spoon of jojoba oil massage into achy joints and muscles. You can also add to body lotion and creams.
5 -For preparing refreshing drink add two drops of basil oil and peppermint oil into one glass of iced tea for refreshing drink.
6 -Append 5 drops pure basil oil and 5 drops tea tree oil as well as 2 drops of grapefruit oil and all these mixture pour as liquid to spray bottle fill the others part of the bottle with fresh water and then shake well before use. Sprinkle this water near kitchen and bathroom to encourage clean air, especially in cold and flu seasons.

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