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Davana Oil - AOS 15

It is used for bacterial, nervous stomach, indigestion, nausea and menstrual cramps. Know More!

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  • Product Name : Davana Oil
  • Product Weight : 30 ML
  • Product Price : 1847
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The Davana plant also called Davanam belongs to the family Asteraceae, and its botanical name is Artemisia Pallets. It is an annual aromatic herb and is known for its delicate Fragrance. Buy Davana oil Online as per Food Grade, Pharma Grade, and Cosmetic Grade directly from Reputed Manufacturers and suppliers in India. We supply our Davana oil in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Kolkata, and more. We have the highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our products are 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving the 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Sign-In, and Buy Now.

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About Davana Oil

Know All About Davana Oil and Buy Online:

Davana plant also called Davanam belongs to the family Asteraceae, and its botanical name is Artemisia Pallens. It is an annual aromatic herb and is known for its delicate Fragrance. Its flowers are yellow in color but they appear white in color due to its outer covering. The crop can be grown in various ranges of soil it can grow well in sandy loam as well as in Black soil, the only thing is that soil should have good drainage & rich organic matter is required.

This plant grows best when sown in the winter season. Davana oil is xerophytic in nature and is used in India for religious purposes too.


Botanical Name: Artemisia pallens

Plant Part: Stems and Leaves

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Origin: India


Davana oil is obtained by steam distillation of flowers of Davana Plant.


It has rich, sweet, fruity, slightly woody, camphorous note, consistency is thick and the color is burnt orange.


Its main components are a ketone called davanone, linalool, And Davana ether.


It blends well with woody essential oils like neroli oil, geranium, grapefruit, cedarwood, caraway etc.

14 Surprising Health Uses and benefits of Davana Oil:-

  1. It is used in Aromatherapy, Perfumery, and Cosmetics
  2. It is used as a flavoring agent in pastries & Beverages.
  3. Owing to its Therapeutic properties it has many health benefits
  4. It provides protection against viral attacks.
  5. It fights depression through relaxation.
  6. It reduces Blood pressure. (know more essential oil uses in Blood Pressure)
  7. It fights infections, protects against Tetanus.
  8. It should be applied in mild concentrations in cases of cuts & wounds.
  9. Davana oil fights infections from bacteria, microbes, fungi & viruses.
  10. It opens up blocked menstruation & makes period regular.
  11. It loosens up tough coughs & relieves congestion, Headaches & pain in joints.
  12. Relax contractions in muscles & blood vessels.
  13. It helps to heal wounds faster & protects from infections.
  14. It act as insect repellent.


It is non toxic but can cause irritation.

Know How to Identify the Purity of Davana Oil

Customer's Reviews

Amin Dahiya
22 Jul, 2020 Great to meet you. I am from Kolkata, and I am looking highest quality Davana oil for personal use, i need almost 30 gms. Ok i am placing an order today, how long it take to delivered us


Jignesh Tiwari
03 Aug, 2020 I am Jignesh Tiwari from Jaipur, I am working on essential oils, Menthol and Mint oils products for preparing market report. So, can you help me to share your current market price of per 25 Kg. Any update you can also share with us for coming 3 Months


Shubuam Mishra
08 Oct, 2020 This oil works so much better than any other essential of the best Product in best value.


Nand kishore
01 Jan, 2021 Thank you for great services.

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