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Clove leaf oil is extracted from cloves. Its uses are incredibly impressive, ranging from improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation to helping acne and boosting gum health. Buy Food Grade, Pharma Grade and Cosmetic Grade Clove leaf oil online directly from Manufacturer and suppliers in India. We offer our essential oils in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Udisa, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and more. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Login and Buy Now

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Know all About Clove Leaf Oil and Buy Online:
Clove oil is extracted from cloves. Its uses are incredibly impressive, ranging from improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation to helping acne and boosting gum health. It also helps to reduce the pain and swelling that comes with a toothache (Know more oils for Toothache)

Clove leaf oil includes many health benefits such as digestive system, toothache, arthritic pain, rheumatism, reduces anxiety and tension. It is also used on cuts and wounds.

It is used to treat acne, and prevent wrinkles (try more oil for Wrinkles) and skin rejuvenated. It also helps to treat ulcers and skin sores.
Clove is used in many food products for flavoring purposes such as tea, soups, and rice.

FAQ1 - Extraction Process (How to Make?)
It is extracted from leaves of clove by the steam distillation process. Nowadays clove leaf oil is available to buy Online.

Color: Red-brown in color.

Botanical name: Syzygium aromaticum.

8 Incredible Health Benefits and Uses:

  1. Clove leaf oil uses has been for the treatment of common complaints related to the digestive system, including indigestion, motion sickness, bloating and flatulence.
  2. It helps to relieve the pain and discomfort associated with various dental disorders.
  3. It helps to boost the immune system to fight off, or even prevent, the common cold and flu.
  4. It may Help Lower Blood Pressure and boost heart health
  5. Clove Oil helps to reduce the signs of aging and prevent wrinkles.
  6. It also helps to treat acne.
  7. It is used in making soaps, cream and lotions due to having its soothing effects and powerful aroma.
  8. It can also be used to reduce anxiety, mental exhaustion, fatigue & tension.

FAQ 2 - Where to Buy Clove Leaf Oil Online?
We AOS Products is a Premium Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter of pure Clove leaf oil in India. Now a day or during this pandemic Situation or Covid-19, we have started to reach your doorstep online. We care and follow all guidelines of Coronavirus for example "Zero Contact" "Proper Sanitizer" and more. So, don't hesitate, to visit our website and buy directly from us at a competitive price.

Customer's Reviews


Clove oil is used for health benefits such as digestive system.

Dr Piyush Juneja
Dr Piyush Juneja

Hi AOS nice your page for Clove oil. It work as good herb for toothache. i am regular buyer of pure clove oil from india. So i am buying here please send us best and best quality.

Gopal menon
Gopal menon

Dear AOS, I am Gopal menon from Pune, I am looking 50 gms clove oil for toothache. You have mention such details at your page. Can you clear it that what i can used it for toothache.


It's very effective. It has a very strong smell which is common for pure and authentic essential oils. This is the 100% pure and natural oils. Very very thankful to Aos Products Pvt Ltd which provide a natural product.


Hi, really I want to give review this time. I used the clove oil for my toothache and it’s amazing . Thank you AOS for your services.

Sheetal verna
Sheetal verna

Nice product, buy from you again

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