Hazel Nut Oil

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Hazelnut tree is a fast growing deciduous shrub which grows with straight shoot Hazel nut is the nut of hazel also called as cobnut or filbert nut. It is spherical to oval, with an outer husk surrounding smooth shell, nut fall out of husk when it ripens. Kernel of seed is edible & hazelnuts are used for livestock feed. Hazel nuts are used in confectionery, nutella etc. Hazelnut Carrier Oil is used as cooking oil.

Hazelnut oil is obtained by expeller pressing of roasted nuts.

It is fine texture easily absorbable & aroma is light sweet & nutty.

Its main components are Thiamine, vitamin b 6, protein & unsaturated fat.

It blends well with sesame oil, Avocado oil & walnut oil.


  1. Hazelnut Carrier Oil is good source of energy.
  2. It reduces depression.
  3. It decreases risk of Heart diseases, cancer & chronic diseases.
  4. It reduces risk of blood clotting & urinary tract infections.
  5. It is ideal for use in cooking or baking.
  6. It gives rich flavor to salad dressings, pasta etc.
  7. It is a delicious addition to nut based baked goods.
  8. It is a rich substitute for butter.
  9. It can lower the LDL & raise the levels of HDL
  10. It is used in aromatherapy to treat & nourish the skin.
  11. It reduces acne.
  12. It is useful for alleviating inflammation.
  13. It acts as an excellent moisturizer.
  14. Owing to its antibacterial & astringent properties it prevents excessive secretion of skin oil.
  15. It is perfect for body massage.
  16. It is good particularly for sensitive skin.
  17. It can be used as sunscreen.
  18. It is rich source of vitamin E.
  19. It eliminates free radicals thus reverses signs of ageing.
  20. It strengthens hair.
  21. It is useful for respiratory disorders.

People who are allergic to nuts like peanuts can be allergic to hazel nuts and thus should avoid its use.

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hazelnut oil is very healthy and cooking oil. I am Alf Webb from United State, I am looking 100 liters Hazelnut oil. What will be best price?

By Alf Webb Posted On 2019-09-10

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Can you please send us 2 kg hazelnut oil price in Mumbai.

By Pradeep Kumar Posted On 2019-09-10

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