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Arachis oil is also known as peanut oil and groundnut oil, which is made from Arachis hypogea, a low-growing, annual plant that is the lone member of the Fabaceae (Leguminosae) family. Despite the word "nut" in its name, peanut is actually a legume and grows underground, as opposed to other nuts like walnuts and almonds, which grow on trees.

It comes in a number of varieties, including refined, unrefined, roasted, and cold-pressed, which have slight differences in their nutritional value and health benefits. Generally, people use peanut oil in their cooking for the interesting flavor that it gives, particularly the roasted variety, as well as the fact that it is healthier than many types of oil.

It is obtained by cold pressing of kernels of peanut (arachis hypogaea). It is also available as refined oil.

Cold pressed peanut oil has a deep yellow color, nutty aroma & sweet taste and refined oil has a yellow color & neutral taste.

Most of the health benefits of Arachis oil come from its diverse types of fatty acids, such as oleic acid, stearic acid, palmitic acid, and linoleic acid, among others.The health benefits of peanut oil include skin care, lower cholesterol levels, improved heart health, and nervous system. It also helps reduce the risk of cancer, boosts cognitive function, strengthens the immune system, and lowers blood pressure.

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Pharmaceutical Uses:
Using Arachis oil externally it has been attributed therapeutic properties to help deal with arthritis and rheumatism. Fatty acids present are oleic acid (35–72%), linoleic acid (13–43%), stearic acid (1.3–6.5%), behenic acid (1–5%), lignoceric acid (0.5–3.0%) and ecosenoic acid (0.5–2.1%).
It has high levels of polyphenol antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals, which cause chronic diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Arachis oil is cholesterol free, helps to boosts heart health, lower blood pressure, help to prevents cognitive disorder. It contained phytosterols and in particular beta-sitosterol, which may have the ability to protect the body from colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

Cosmetic Uses:
Arachis oil works for both natural skin and dry skin, and also helps protect your skin from blackheads. It also helps reduce protein loss, thickens your hair, adds moisture to split ends, and regenerates your damaged hair.It is particularly important for the maintenance and health of the skin, protecting it from the effects of free radicals that cause wrinkles, blemishes, and other signs of premature aging. It is also helps to moisturize your lips.

Edible Uses:
Adding Arachis oil to your diet can keep you healthy in yet another way, by stimulating your white blood cell production to fend off any foreign agents in your body. People use Arachis oil in their cooking for the interesting flavor that it gives, particularly the roasted variety, as well as the fact that it is healthier than many types of oil.


  1. Massage Arachis oil to energize your body and help alleviate achy joint and muscles.
  2. Simply mix a tablespoon of Arachis oil with a few drops of tea tree oil and lemon juice, and then apply to your scalp to treat dandruff.
  3. Brush your lips with a soft toothbrush for 1-2 min, wipe with a cotton ball dipped in warm water until smooth, and then massage Arachis oil onto your lips.
  4. You can use peanut oil as a hot oil treatment, which is excellent for dry, dull, brittle, damaged hair.
  5. It can be applied topically on your skin, blended with other essential oils.
  6. Peanut oil or Arachis oil is used for general cooking.
  7. It helps to prevent constipation, digestive problems, diarrhea and other stomach problems.
  8. It strengthens the body.
  9. It can act as a suspension agent for medicines & vitamins.
  10. It helps to lower blood glucose levels. Many lotions & creams contain peanut oil.
  11. It is useful in hair care like curing dandruff
  12. Used in moisturizing lips.
  13. It is used for flavoring
  14. It is used for frying foods, because it has a high smoke property.
  15. It is used as massage oil.
  16. It is used to make soap by process of saponification.
  17. It could be used as a source fuel for diesel engine.
  18. It helps in maintaining healthy heart by maintaining healthy blood lipid profile.
  19. Improves blood flow because of linoleic acid present in peanut oil.
  20. It helps to maintain proper level of good cholesterol.
  21. It reduces high B.P
  22. It can reduce Acne of skin if mixed with small amount of lime juice.
  23. It helps in protecting skin from blackheads.

Despite its wealth of uses, it is not safe for everybody. This is because peanuts contain allergens and account for majority of severe food-related allergic reactions.
If you have a peanut allergy and have unknowingly ingested or used peanut oil, you may experience severe side effects, such as vomiting, pain in the abdomen, swollen lips and throat, difficulty breathing, and chest congestion. Seek emergency healthcare immediately, as this can be fatal.

Its major components fatty acids are Oleic acid, linoleic acid & palmitic acid.

It blends well with other essential oils.

Review Summry - it is used in cooking & Cosmetics Purpose.

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it is also useful for reducing the BP level.

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I bought this oil for cooking. It is light very good for health.

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This portal authorized by AOS. I am Amit Mishra from Mumbai and i shopped 30 gm Arachis oil. How long it take to delivered us. Can you send us MSDS paper with my material

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Hi AOS thanks for sharing genuine info about of uses and benefits of Arachis oil. I am reading your shared article from your website. It is awesome for pharmaceutical company. They are using such oil for baby care and skin care products.

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I bought this oil for cooking. It is light very good for quality

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