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Calendula oil is also called as pot marigold or marigold, it is an annual & perennial herbaceous plant, it has several species but most commonly cultivated is pot marigold (calendula oficianalis).It has been used as culinary & medicinal herb, its petals are edible & are used fresh in salads. Yellow color dye is also extracted from flowers. Lovely golden petals are also used to add color to butter & cheese. Calendula grows to about 0.7m in height. The pungent odor of the marigold has been used as an effective pesticide. Buy online direct from ISO 9001:2015, GMP, HACCP, HALAL and Kosher certified Manufacturer from India.

Calendula is extracted from the flowers of calendula plant through the cold pressed method.

It is quite sticky & viscous and has a strange smell which is musky, woody & even rotten.

Chemical constituents of Calendula oil are carotenoid, flavanoids, sterol, mucilage, saponins, carotones, bitter glycosides, triterpenes, and resin.

It blends well with cypress, lavender oil, lemon, frankincense, sea buckthorn & saw palmetto.


  1. It is mainly used for skin care.
  2. It is a great inflammatory.
  3. It is good massage oil.
  4. It is used to get relief in abdominal cramps & constipation.
  5. It is a great moisturizer for dry skin.
  6. It also helps to treat spider veins, leg ulcers etc.
  7. It helps to get relief from diaper rashes.
  8. It helps in healing of wounds & minor cuts.
  9. It is great for treating ringworm etc.
  10. It increases collagen properties.
  11. It treats bed & pressure sores.
  12. It makes excellent base for salves, facial creams & many other natural cosmetics.
  13. It makes wonderful baby oil.

Pregnant women & breast feeding women should avoid.
Do not use calendula oil 2 weeks before any surgery.

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Calendula oil also called as Marigold oil. India is largest producers of pure Calendula oil in the world. I am Vijesh Goshwami from Pune, i am making fragrance products as Agarbatti and worship products. I am buying it from your portal 1 liters. How long it take to deliver us

By Vijesh Goshwami Posted On 2020-07-22

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