Argan Oil

AOS 164
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   413
30 Gms 413
60 Gms 572
100 Gms 784
200 Gms 1315
500 Gms 2908


It is extracted from the kernels of the Argan tree. Argan oil contains about 35–40 percent linoleic acid and 42–48 percent oleic acid. While linoleic acid will reduce inflammation, acne and increase skin miniaturization levels. It also consists of Caffeic acid, Oleuropein, vanillic acid, tyrosol, catchol etc.

Argan oil is used as skin tonner, acne remedy, lip conditioner, dry and cracking foot, dry n brittle hair, dandruff and stretch marks. It also contains Vitamin A and B which helps to reduce wrinkles.

It is extracted from kernels of argan tree by cold pressed method.

Color: yellow in color.

Botanical name: Argania

Why you Use?
  1. It contains Vitamin A & B which helps to reduce wrinkles.
  2. It helps to cure dry and cracking skin of foot.
  3. It helps to treat nails and cuticle.
  4. It helps to maintain brittle, dry hair
  5. It also helps to reduce dandruff and moisturizes your scalp.
  6. It also helps to reduce stretch marks.
  7. It is also used as lip conditioner.
  8. It also helps in acne and skin toning.

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