Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

AOS 132
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   450
30 Gms 450
60 Gms 506
100 Gms 581
200 Gms 769
500 Gms 1331

Pure Leaf Powder Of Aloe Vera

Aloe leaf powder is extremely targeted kind of aloe that is isolated from leaf of succulent barbadensis plant. it's cultivated in Northern continent arid climates, America, Europe & Asia. it's employed in O.T.C. prescribed drugs, cosmetics, nutraceuticals.

Aloe leaf fine-grained is extracted from freshly harvested leaves of the succulent barbadensis, then gel or fillet is rigorously removed to attenuate the aloin traces, extracted gel is processed change integrity and targeted by utilizing cold evaporation to supply liquid concentrate, then hot air is passed to liquid for spray drying. Then obtained powder is prepared for packaging.

It is coffee cream to pale sandy in look. it's solid and uniform powder. it's bland style, slightly vegetables in odor. it's water soluble.

It contains salicyclates, acemannan, opposed oxidants similar to Vitamin-C minerals likewise.

6 Amazing Uses-

  1. Aloe leaf powder is employed in Cosmetics, Soaps as a result of its biological process and healing properties.
  2. It is associate ingredient of bathtub tea.
  3. It is employed in creams to scale back inflammation.
  4. It is accustomed prepare gels, that is employed in pain relief and to push healing.
  5. It is conjointly employed in massage oils.
  6. Aloe Vera powder is additionally further in ointments.

  • Avoid succulent leaf powder throughout maternity and nursing.
  • Keep away from reach of youngsters, would possibly cause abdomen pain, cramp .
  • It might affects blood glucose level thus avoid succulent in polygenic disorder & in Surgery.

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