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Essential Oils for Sore Muscles
18 Nov, 2023

Which Essential Oil is Best for Muscle Pain?

1. Lavender oil:

There is a reason why so many followers of aromatherapy favors lavender oil. The well-known oil has been demonstrated to provide relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and pain-relieving benefits. In a tiny research, elderly patients with low back pain received lavender oil-infused acupressure. They had temporary pain relief after eight sessions.

2. Peppermint oil:

The cooling effect of peppermint oil is felt when applied topically. This is because it contains menthol, which may numb pain. It can aid with headaches, itchy skin, and digestive issues in addition to reducing muscular and joint discomfort.

3. Eucalyptus oil:

Eucalyptus oil has a cooling effect when used topically, similar to peppermint oil. The sensation might lessen inflammation and associated muscle pain. In one trial, eucalyptus oil helped patients who had undergone knee replacement surgery feel less pain. Participants in the trial did not apply the oil to their skin; rather, they inhaled it. Eucalyptus oil relieves intense, throbbing muscular, joint, and skin pain, according to an animal study.

4.Oils of Roman and German chamomile:

The chamomile blossoms are many. Yet, two of them, German and Roman, are frequently found in herbal teas and essential oils. Both varieties of chamomile offer pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and antidepressant qualities while having differing fragrances. According to a review, chamomile helps with knee osteoarthritis symptoms and joint function. According to a different study, chamomile oil may help persons with carpal tunnel syndrome feel better and work better.

5. Ginger oil:

Ginger may offer advantages beyond preventing sickness. Ginger oil produces a warming sensation when used topically, which could aid in reducing muscle soreness. Researchers looked at the effects of Thai massage and Swedish massage with ginger oil on low back pain in older persons. Swedish massage with ginger oil reduced pain and enhanced disability more effectively.

6. Rosemary tincture:

Perhaps you've only ever used rosemary in cooking. Yet, the herb has uses other than cooking. Everything from hair growth and wound healing to muscle and joint discomfort and swelling can benefit from rosemary oil. In tiny research, rosemary oil helped previously inactive people with exercise-induced muscular discomfort.

7. Oil of marjoram:

Similar to rosemary, marjoram serves as both a cooking component and a health supplement. It is renowned for relieving muscle pain, particularly from inflammation or overuse. Moreover, the essential oil possesses antimicrobial and antioxidant effects.

How Do you Mix Essential Oils for Muscle Pain?

The National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy suggests a 3% dilution for the majority of adults. For every 1 oz. of carrier oil, there are roughly 20 drops of essential oil. Yet for muscle aches, some folks use a 5% dilution. For every 1 oz. of carrier oil, there are roughly 30 drops of essential oil.

What is the Strongest Anti-inflammatory Essential Oil?

Some strongest anti-inflammatory essential oils are:

Lavender                     Roman Chamomile                 Thyme

Lemon                         Coriander                                Geranium

Peppermint                 Myrrh                                      Helichrysum

Melaleuca                   Rosemary                                Lemongrass

Eucalyptus                  Wintergreen                           Grapefruit

Oregano Oil                Clove Oil

How Do you Use Arnica Oil for Muscle Pain?

The best way to use arnica oil is to have it massaged into the muscles, as this helps to loosen tight, stiff muscles and elongate them, making them more flexible. Massage also helps to release muscle spasms, reduce pain, remove lactic acid to prevent the onset of DOMS (delayed onset muscle stiffness), improve blood circulation, and generally improve health, all of which help to hasten the body's recovery time.

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