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  • Jul 15, 2022

What is Cardamom Oil?, Know Benefits, How to Make and More

What is Cardamom Oil?, Know Benefits, How to Make and More

Cardamom Oil is the oldest essential oil. The oil is manufactured by steam distillation of the seeds of Elettaria Cardamom. All cardamom oil was produced in the U.S.A and Europe. But from 1950 India is the largest consumer of cardamom spice in the world.

How to make Cardamom Oil?
Common production method of this Oil is steam distillation in AOS Products Private Limited. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of Cardamom Oil BP (British Pharmacopeia) and USP Grade (United State pharmacopeia).

For making cardamom oil take a large bot, fill the water and keep it on a medium flame. Take a cloth and put a cardamom pod into it and keep it until the water gets half. Let the water be covered with cheesecloth and put under the sun. When the water evaporates, you get the oil.

How to Check Purity of Cardamom Oil?

What is Cardamom Oil?, Know Benefits, How to Make and More

1. If the cardamom essential oil is pure then it will have a strong aroma.
2. If the oil is pure then while rubbing on your hand you will not feel greasy.
3. Essential oils are always kept in a dark-colored glass.

Benefits of Cardamom Oil and How to Use?
1. May Relieve Spasms:
This oil may be effective in respiratory spasms and curing muscular and relieving cramps, muscle pulls, asthma, and cough.
2. May Prevent Microbial Infections:
This oil may have very strong antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, it is very useful as a mouthwash adding 2-3 drops of oil with water help to disinfect the germs and bad breath. It can be used in foods for flavoring.
3. May Improve Digestion:
This essential oil is a good digestive system. This incredible oil can be used to boost the digestive system. It naturally keeps the stomach healthy and functioning it may also be gastric in nature.
4. May Boost Metabolism:
This oil maintains proper metabolic action whole of the body, as it may help to energize your entire system. This energizing effect may boost your depression or weakness. It may stimulate the secretion of various hormones, peristaltic motion, gastric juices, and circulation.
5. May Promote Urination:
For weight loss It may promote urination, lower blood pressure, and remove toxins and urea deposits from the kidneys.
6. May Have a Warming Effect:
This oil may heat up the body, help clear congestion and coughs promote sweating, It might also provide relief from headaches and can be used to cure diarrhea when there is extreme cold.

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Cardamom Oil uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries

What is Cardamom Oil?, Know Benefits, How to Make and More

In Pharma Industries:
On the basis of various functions, Cardamom oil is analysis into stomachic antiseptic, aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, digestive and astringent. Owing to the huge application of Cardamom Essential Oil in the pharmaceutical industries, this oil an antiseptic, digestive and antimicrobial properties is being expected to grow at an important rate in terms of value sales.

In Cosmetics Industries:
Cardamom oil can be used in reducing skin acne, Glowing skin, help in dry skin, promote hair growth, reduce hair fall, treat dandruff, Strengthening Hair Roots, Promote Skin Elasticity and any other inflammatory infection. This oil also used in the perfume making and in cosmetic industry.

In Food Industries:
Cardamom oil especially famous for its seed pods for its taste and aroma. Due to well-settled flavoring properties and gastronomic value, cardamom is expanded used as spicy and flavoring ingredient in confectionery products and curries.

Side Effects of Cardamom Oil:
The reaction is prominent when the cardamom intake is higher than the desired amount. It may cause skin allergy like rashes, red skin.

Taking too Much Cardamom the people are so Sensitive Cause:
➠ Chest pain
➠ Shortness of breathing
➠ Uncomfortable feeling
➠ Chest or throat tightness.

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