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All About Apricot Oil
15 Jan, 2024

What is Apricot Oil?

The Apricot kernel is also called Khubani Oil. It is non-sticky, gentle, and light and in Indian households, it is considered one of the best skin care compounds. This magical oil has healing, antiseptic, emollient, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties when applied to the hair and skin. The special fragrance of the oil is fresh and mature.

How to make Apricot Oil?

➥ Common production is done by using cold-pressed method for Apricot oil in AOS Products.

➥ The process of beginning the hard shell to soft and smooth oil just soak the kernels in water for 30 minutes, which makes them soft and easier to break.

➥ When the derivation process begins, this oil is extracted from the mature kernels by cold pressing, this process maintains the oil’s quality by preserving it from heat. Sometimes the derivation process requires an earlier crumble of the seeds into a fine powder. Cold pressing involves placing the Kernel powder, or the Kernel – to make the extreme mechanical pressure rotate the two metal plates that cause them to release and break their oils. Hence the raw oil is mid-yellow in color with the basic scent of Apricot. The oil that purifies extra is light yellow and its scent is fainter.

How to Check Purity of Apricot Oil?

Essential oils are not oily, most of them do not leave any oily marks on paper, as other oil drops do, like almond oil.

The test the purity of the Apricot oil, here is a simple step:

1. Take a sheet of paper and drop oil with the dropper.

2. The oil may take 1 to 2 hours to dry. Now check if there is an oily ring/mark around the drop the oil may be impure. If there is no oily mark, the oil is pure.

➠ GC Process is one of the universal processes by which we can get 100% accurate results of the purity of the oil. It stands for Gas Chromatography which is used only for the purity of oils. If you are a retail buyer then cannot think of such an expensive test but if you buy from one of the Manufacturers like AOS Products Private Limited then you can rest assured that you will get 100% pure oils.

Benefits of Apricot Oil and How to Use?

The main chemical component of Apricot Kernel Oil is: Palmitic Acid, Stearic Acid, Oleic Acids, Alpha-Linoleic Acid, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E.

• This incredible oil make the radiance and softness to the both iconic part of body as for skin and hair.

• Use this incredible oil to reduce the appearance of aging. It naturally prevents wrinkles and fine lines on your face skin.

• Really the oil made of AOS Products, if you are going to use, you will encourage your hair stronger, thicker and longer, etc.

• Eliminate dandruff and thereby support hair growth

• Boost immunity

• Exhibit anti-inflammatory properties

• Moisturize hair and promote its growth

• Facilitate wound healing

• This amazing oil reduces the chances of future outbreaks.

• Lessen inflammation

• The oil made by AOS Products Company can soothe joint pain and ease stiffness to improve flexibility.

• Control blood clotting on the skin

• Do, you know apricot oil also has “cleansing properties” due to which it acts as sebum oil for skin. It can be used for makeup removal.

How to Use Apricot Oil for Skin?

It prevent damaged skin and deeply nourishes chapped and rough skin. So, don’t delay taking some drops of the oil and applying to the affected area, after applying, you should leave your skin for some time almost 2 to 3 hours or a whole night. It acts as a wonderful natural moisturizer. This oil can be used for the whole night it helps to moisturize your skin and open clogged pores.

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Apricot Oil is used in the Pharma, Food, and Cosmetic Industries:

• It maintains good PH value to the skin because it has a high containment of gamma-linoleic acid that balances the moisturization of your skin.

• It helps to improve skin tone, and the radiance of the skin, and maintain softness. Nowadays this incredible oil is used in bulk by Pharma, Food, and cosmetic industries, and we AOS Products manufacture the oil only for these 3 Sectors. So, if you have any queries/suggestions, you can Write Us Today.

Side Effects of Apricot Oil:

➠ Purified apricot oil is totally safe. There is not enough reliable information to know if non-purified or virgin apricot kernel oil is safe.

Purified apricot oil is used as a flavoring in food. Apricot seeds are also consumed sometimes, but not more than 2 small apricot seeds or half of a large apricot seed should be taken daily. Taking larger amounts is likely unsafe. Apricot seeds contain amygdalin. With this body converts this chemical to cyanide, which can cause side effects, seizures, and death.

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