Mango Butter Refined

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Mango Butter Refined:
Mango Butter is extracted from fruit tree, scientifically referred to as Manifera indica. It well grows in sub tropical regions of Bharat, Burma.and additionally in alternative components of globe in addition. Mango butter is made in content of C 18:0 and C18:1 fatty acids and made in opposed oxidants appreciate vitamin A, vitamin E .

It is natural emollient because it smoothen and soften the skin, extremely moisturizing, soft in texture, Semi solid in consistency .
it's soft solid at close temperature however forthwith melts connected with skin or heat.
It is straw solid fat in look and slightly in odor.

Blending Well With-
It is soluble with cosmetic esters, hot edible fat etc.

Chemical Composition:
It contains high content of carboxylic acid appreciate monounsaturated fatty acid, saturated fatty acid, Palmitic, Linoleic, aracinidic.

9 Amazing Uses-
Mango butter extremist refined is extremely moisturizing and natural emollient property that makes it nice for skin care product applications therefore its suggested usage in

  1. Bar Soaps
  2. Sun skin care
  3. Facial
  4. Body balms and lip balms
  5. Scrubs
  6. Body butter
  7. It prevents skin problem appreciate wrinkles, acne, skin disorder and skin disorder.
  8. It is utilized in treatment of burns, stretch marks, and scar.
  9. It is utilized in alimentary of hair and learning of dry or distressed hair.

Extraction Process:
Mango butter ultra-refined is extracted by assembling fruit kernel of Manifera indica tree , then edible fruit kernel in sun lightweight for de-shelling or decortications , mango butter is obtained by expeller ironed methodology , mango butter is additional proceed for refinement to get rid of color and scent; luscious, creamy white butter is finally extracted.

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I am JC lova from Netherland. i am looking good quality of Mango butter.

By JC lova Posted On 2019-04-25

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Nice to meet you AOS. I am ROxanne from Italy, I am looking 10 Kg refined mango butter. So how we can buy from you.

By ROxanne Posted On 2020-07-10

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