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Basil Oil - AOS 02

Basil Oil Helps to Reduce Minor skin irritations | cramps | joint pain | muscular aches | spasms, gout | flatulence, and exhaustion!

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  • Product Name : Basil Oil
  • Product Weight : 30 ML
  • Product Price : 175
  • Product Availibility : 500 Items in Stock

This Incredible Oil is also known as Tulsi oil and Holy basil oil which is derived from Ocimum Basilicum. It belongs to the Lamiaceae or mint plant family, which includes about 200 species of various basil botanical varieties and forms grown around the world. As a natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and diuretic, basil has been used in traditional Asian Indian medicine practices for years. Buy Basil Oil Online Directly from Premium Manufacturers and Suppliers in India. We have the highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our products are 100% Pure and Safe. We are providing the 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Sign Up, and Buy Now

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About Basil Oil

Know All About Basil Oil and Buy Online:

It is also known as Tulsi oil and holy basil oil which is derived from Ocimum Basilicum. It belongs to the Lamiaceae or mint plant family, which includes about 200 species of various basil botanical varieties and forms grown around the world. As a natural anti-inflammatory, antiviral (Know more essential oil has antiviral properties), and diuretic, basil has been used in traditional Asian Indian medicine practices for years. Today, AOS basil is known for its use in cases of stomach spasms, loss of appetite, fluid retention, head colds, warts, and even intestinal worm infections.


Basil oil is obtained by steam distillation of leaves, flowers, and buds of basil plant.

The health benefits of AOS basil essential oil include its ability to treat nausea, inflammation, motion sickness, indigestion, constipation, respiratory problems, and fight bacterial infections and manage diabetes. It is derived from the Ocimum basilicum plant and is also known as sweet basil oil in some places.

In India, tulsi is an herb that is considered sacred, mainly because it represents the goddess Lakshmi, the wife of Vishnu, who is one of Hinduism's most important deities. There is even an ancient custom in India to worship the plant twice a day, water it, and place lamps near it, once in the morning and then at night. Hindus believed that it brings good luck while protecting their family from evil and harm.

Basil was widely used in ancient times in places like India for various medicinal purposes (Ayurvedic Medicine). The herb was used to treat diarrhea, cough, mucous discharges, constipation, indigestion, and certain skin diseases.

Where to by Pure Basil Oil?

This essential oil is of Indian Originated oil. We AOS are highly reputed and certified by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:1800, GMP, and HACCP of pure Basil oil manufacturers in India. If you are looking best Basil oil price in India then you have only one chance to seek a better price and high quality with us because we AOS are not working as traders or suppliers in India but we AOS Brand are bulk manufacturers & exporters in Delhi-based factory in India. Someone ask with us about the Market price of tulsi oil and whether AOS Products are available for it. This amazing oil uses you may read as aromatherapy and therapeutic passage. Finally, we suggest a helpful, better, and managed group manufacturer to learn How to make basil oil than we AOS can better assist you. Dear Buyers now a day when the whole world suffering from a panic Pandemic Situation or Covid-19, we AOS Team are working continuously for you to reach 100% pure Anise oil. So, don't go anywhere, visit our website and buy directly from the Manufacturer.


Pharmaceuticals Uses:

This amazing essential oil benefits include fighting bacteria, fighting infections, reducing disease-causing inflammation, helps to relieve in congestion, increase urine output, stimulating the adrenal cortex. It also helps to relieve aching muscles, cold and flu treatment, natural odor eliminator, and cleaner. Pure and Natural Basil Oil is sometimes recommended as a natural ear infection remedy. It is also used as an insect repellent.

Cosmetic Uses:

This awesome oil can act as a home remedy for acne. It can help with the burning or redness of the skin. It also helps to remove excess grease or buildup on your hair. Dilute tulsi or basil oil may also work as a good deodorizer which helps to eliminate body odor. It also helps to remove bad odor from your mouth or you can use it as a mouthwash.

Edible Uses:

Basil essential oil is known for helping to stimulate digestion and naturally relieving constipation. can be taken internally by adding one to two drops of warm water or tea, or you can inhale it and massage it directly into painful areas such as the abdomen and lower back.You can also add a drop to water or take it as a dietary supplement by mixing it with raw honey or into a smoothie.


  1. You can inhale it directly from the bottle or rub several drops into your palms and then place your hands over your face to inhale for relieving in cold and flu.
  2. Add 2 drops each Basil and Peppermint oil into 2 quarts of iced tea for a refreshing drink.
  3. Apply this oil to fatigued or sore muscles and joints.
  4. Use basil oils topically on the feet or by diffusing them aromatically to fight fatigue.
  5. For a focus and study aid try diffusing drops Lemon, 3 drops Basil and 2 drops Rosemary essential oil.
  6. Add 1-2 drops of basil to 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, like jojoba oil, massage into achy joints and muscles. You can also add unscented lotion or body cream and rub it on affected areas.
  7. Add 3 drops of basil, 3 drops of lavender, and 4 drops of frankincense to a 10 ml roller bottle, and fill the rest of the bottle with jojoba oil. Shake to blend. To use, roll onto temples (avoid the eyes) and back of neck/shoulders to relieve headache and tension.
  8. Add 6 drops of basil, 7 drops of tea tree, and 12 drops of grapefruit to 4 of a glass spray bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle with water, leaving room for the sprayer top. Shake well before use, and spritz throughout kitchen and bathroom to encourage clean air, especially during cold and flu season.
  9. It is used for culinary purposes.
  10. It is used as massage oil, increases shine of skin & hair.
  11. It is helpful in the treatment of Acne & other skin infections.
  12. It has a carminative property and is used for treating indigestion, constipation, stomach cramps, etc
  13. It provides immediate relief in colds & influenza.
  14. It is helpful in the treatment of whooping cough.
  15. It helps in the treatment of Asthma & bronchitis.
  16. It is used in the treatment of infections such as cuts, wounds, skin & bladder infections.
  17. It is widely used in Aromatherapy, because of its refreshing aroma.
  18. Regularly using basil oil provides mental health & clarity.
  19. It improves blood circulation.
  20. It provides relief from pain (Do you know Ginger oil helps to reduce pain)
  21. It is ophthalmic & can quickly relieve bloodshot eyes.
  22. It helps in preventing vomiting.
  23. It is also used for the treatment of itching caused by bites from the honey bee, insects or even snakes.

Precautions and Side Effects:

It is not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, as well as for children under 2 years of oil. People who are susceptible to seizures or who have epilepsy should also refrain from using it.

As with all essential oils, especially those that are new to you, always test for skin sensitivity prior to using them on sensitive or widespread areas. Do a skin patch test first on your feet or forearm to make sure you don't experience irritation like redness, burning, hives, or allergic reactions. Also, keep basil oil away from your eyes and the insides of your ears or nose.


Chemical constituents of basil oil are Alpha pinene, Beta pinene, Camphene, myrcene, cis ocimene, camphor, limonene, linalool, methyl chavicol, citronellol, y terpineol, geraniol, methyl cinnamate, and eugenol.


All essential oils blends with each other, basil essential oil also blends with verbena, neroli oil, marjoram oil, lemon, lavender oil, grapefruit, ginger oil, fennel, cedarwood oil, black pepper & bergamot oil.


Keep the drum in cool and dark place temperature below 25 °.

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Customer's Reviews

Live with Nature
08 Apr, 2019 Good day AOS, what basil oil useful for cooking? what will be 10 ltrs of basil oil price?


Rajan Bhatt
03 Jul, 2019 Thanks AOS to offer such high quality of basil oil. Today i bought 30 gm and specially i want to use it for acne. How long it take to delivery us. We always prefer everyone to shop any types of essential oils from AOS Brand.


03 Jul, 2019 I've just started becoming very interested in essential oils due to its benefits for hair.It makes a wonderfully refreshing massage oil that promotes hair growth by stimulating blood circulation.


30 Aug, 2019 Good oil..we are the supplier of basil seeds


Ashutosh Wajpayee
20 Aug, 2020 I have bought 100 gms basil oil from your company. Dear sir i want to know that what is the basil oil shelf life? Actually I were wanting to use it after long time.


Vijay Mishra
06 Oct, 2020 I have received basil oil on time & this is good and 100% pure....thanks


18 Oct, 2020 I have received basil oil on time & this is good and 100% pure.its superb


19 Oct, 2020 Superb quality or experience


20 Oct, 2020 2 drops each Basil and Peppermint into 2 quarts of iced tea for a refreshing drink and it's very effective


04 Jan, 2021 Good product 💯 percent pure


Vikas Kumar
31 May, 2022 This oil improves my digestion system and infection plz send 40 gms more.


Anil Sharma
08 Jun, 2022 This oil is very helpful for my skin it removes all my redness kindly send 100 gms more.

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FAQ 2 - How to Check Purity of Basil Oil?
  1. GC test is one of the Approved testing Method that gives exact results for the purity of the carrier oil. For such testing, you can write to AOS Products
  2. for a Small quantity it should be stored in Amber glass or Aluminum Bottle
  3. Basil essential oil never feel oily or greasy when you rub it between your finger.
  4. Pure Basil oil never contain any types of Artificial Substances.

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