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Bay Oil:
Discovered within the twentieth century, with a masculine and spicy aroma, Bay oil is pleasant to use throughout fall and winter. The advantages of bay oil are huge. From its application as hair growth tonic to keeping dandruff treed, it possesses a great deal of therapeutic properties.

Extraction Process of Bay Oil:
Also referred to as Bay Rum oil, Myrica oil, Bay oil is extracted from the leaves of bay.
The tree is native to West Indies however is additionally usually found within the Caribbean and Central America. Today, Dominica, Jamaica, island are the principal places of production.
Biologists claim that there are regarding sixteen species of dicot genus. Among them, solely 2 species specifically allspice and dicot genus indeterminate are the foremost economically valued trees. it is blend well with Juniper berry oil, Ginger Oil, Lemon oil, Pine oil and many more.

Benefits of Bay Oil:

  1. Bay oil is extremely effective in relieving muscle pain. In fact, it's been used for hundreds of years currently. It a proved analgesic too.
  2. Responsible for inhibiting the immune mediators and also the mechanisms concerned in inflammation.
  3. The therapeutic price of the oil came to limelight solely when the scientists discovered its antibiotic properties. Bay essential oil is extremely useful in inhibiting the expansion of infective bacterium.
  4. It additionally helps to cure minor infections. However, it's continuously smart to consult an expert before you employ it on serious ailments
  5. Neuralgia could be a condition that's characterized by severe pain within the nerve courses thanks to this amazing essential oil that reduces irritated and broken nerve.
  6. Pure Bay oil is a superb antiseptic. Once applied (after diluting), it prevents microorganism infections on the skin, and aids wound healing. You all additionally apply diluted bay oil to forestall the formation of scars.

Bay Oil Where to Buy?
We AOS Products are largest manufacturer of bay oil. We are known as bay essential oil AOS Brand in India. We offer bay oil as per best price. We derived bay oil from the natural leaf. So when you buy pure bay oil for good scents or health purpose, you don't mind to use after buying. How to make bay leaf oil, if you want to know, you are welcome to AOS products & Factory. There are many health benefits of bay leaf oil, we care the quality during manufacturing process.

Customer's Reviews

Bharat Rajpurohit Jaisalmer
Bharat Rajpurohit Jaisalmer

We recommend every one to shop pure bay oil at good price here. We want to know how to apply for skin?

Shishir Sharma
Shishir Sharma

I want to buy Bay Essential oil 200 bottle quantity should be 50 Gms. So can you quote us Price in wholesale


i used this oil which is really good for my hair. it nourishes scalp also must buy for everyone. M happy with this product

Komal Chawla
Komal Chawla

Thank you for your product,works really well.

Sakshi gupta
Sakshi gupta

Thanks so much for a quality product

Arjun singh
Arjun singh

In past week I have placed 3 orders. I have to tell you that I am impressed by your promptness and efficiency in handling everything.

Raghav Verma
Raghav Verma

Thanks AOS will come back to you

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