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  • Jul 04, 2022

Know About Lime Oil and How to Identify the Purity

Know About Lime Oil and How to Identify the Purity

Lime is a fruit of citrus species native to South Asia, Southeast Asia, Melanesia and Australia. Known as quicklime, calcium oxide, caustic lime, burnet lime and calx.It’s botanical name is “Citrus X Aurantiifolia”. Rich in ‘vitamin C’ and contains limonene, alpha-terpineol, beta-pinene, p-cymene, beta-bisabolene, etc. Used for several products in industries pharma, cosmetic and food.

“Steam distillation” is used for extraction of lime oil. So, when we are going to industrial production of this amazing oil, we use steam distillation process in AOS.

➠ “GC-MS” (Gas Chromatography- Mass Spectrometry) is the method used to identify the purity of oil.
➠ ‘Paper test method can’ be use.
➠ The oil must contain “Zero Artificial Substances”.
➠ Should not greasy or oily.

Uses of Lime Essential Oil in Food, Cosmetic and Pharma Industries

Know About Lime Oil and How to Identify the Purity

1. Antiseptic- The oil have some antiseptic properties which helps to treat infection. It is very helpful in infection of throat, mouth, colon, stomach and urine system. This AOS Oil is very effective for viral infection like flu, cough, cold and mumps etc.
2. Astringent- This is a good astringent. Helps to relieving toothache and improves tooth health. It can tighten the lose muscles and improves fitness. This property helps to fight diarrhea and to stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels.
3. Appetizer- It helps to improve appetite. Activate the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. The lime oil contains d-limonene which supports our healthy immunity system and reduces weight.
4. Antibacterial- Have antibacterial properties and used in treatment of food poisoning, diarrhea and all other bacterial infections. Not only this, it helps to prevent internal infections like colon, urinary tract and intestines also external infection like eye, ear skin, etc.
5. In fever- AOS Lime oil is an antimicrobial which may helpful to treat fever.
6. Anti-bleeding- It has the properties of anti-bleeding. It’s astringent properties helps to reduces the flow of blood in any cut injury.

1. Skin- Tones the skin and reduces, acne, wrinkles, signs of ageing over the face.
2. Hair- Improves the hair quality by treating dandruff and scalp issues. Mix 2-3 drops of AOS Lime Oil in shampoo and wash the scalp area of the head.

It is widely used as a finishing oil in sea food and other dishes.

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Know About Lime Oil and How to Identify the Purity

➥ Avoid if someone has allergies to citrus fruits or another symptom like this.
➥ It increases the sensitivity to sunlight and increases the chances of sunburn.

You Should Know How to Use Lime Oil

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