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Essential Oils for Anorexia
25 May, 2024

What Essential Oil Suppress Appetite?

There are many essential oils which helps in weight loss and reduce the appetite. Mostly eating healthy is one of the method to reduce the weight but there is another method to reduce the weight like aromatherapy, many essential oil helps in reducing the weight by reducing the cravings and boost your energy level. So, there are many essential oils you can use, for reducing your weight. We know that essential oil is helpful in skin care and work as a pain relief, you can also reduce weight by the help of essential oil.

Peppermint Oil:

Peppermint oil boost energy level, it can soothe sore muscles, peppermint oil is a natural energizer, that reduces fatigue. It also reduces hunger cravings and can help you to feel full faster. You can rub a few drops of oil on temple and behind your neck. You can also diffuse few drops of peppermint oil in diffuser and we can also add few drops of oil in bath tub to boost our energy level.

Lemon Oil:

Breathing the lemon scent improves the neurological activity that helps in breakout body fat. Lemon oil has calming properties. It also induces the positive feeling. It also has detoxification properties which support healthy digestion. Add 4 to 5 drops of oil to salad dressing or water, you can also diffuse the oil at home or at your work place.

Grapefruit oil:

Grapeseed oil helps in weight loss by activating the enzyme in the body that helps in breakdown of the body fat. It also contains the compound D-limonene which support the metabolism, and helps in cleaning the lymphatic glands. It also regulates the autonomic nerve, it regulates the body function like heart rate, digestion and reduce appetite and body weight. Massage two to three drops of oil on your chest and wrist when a craving strikes.

Ginger oil:

Ginger oil help to support the digestion; it also helps in absorption of nutrients. Ginger oil support the bodys cellular energy and helps in weight loss. The main component of ginger oil is gingerol, which helps in reducing the inflammation and it also has antioxidant properties. This process makes you active by reducing more calories. You can add two to three drops of the oil in tea or smoothie and can inhale the oil directly from the bottle or with the help of diffuser.

Cinnamon oil:

Cinnamon oil helps in reducing weight by balancing the sugar level, it also reduces the sugar cravings. When your blood sugar level is disturbing than you do overeating result in weight gain. It is also cardio protective agent that reduces the risk of heart disease and inflammation. ? 

What is the Recovery Rate of Anorexia?

1- Many patients recover from the anorexia, the disease last for 7 to 8 years and it leaves the long lasting effect on body and brain.

2- Total 46% of patients are recover from the anorexia and 33% improve and 20% people are chronically ill.

3- People with anorexia has 5 to 8 times greater risk of dying if we compared with the healthy person. People diagnosed with anorexia in their 20s have 18 times more risk of death as compared to healthy person.

What is Anorexia?

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