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All About Citronella Oil
25 Jun, 2024

What is Citronella Oil? Know Health Benefits and How to Make

This oil is an essential oil that is made from the squeezing from the Asian grass plant in the Cymbopogon genus. Lemon Balm is the French word for this aromatic grass due to its aroma.

Citronella oil has many benefits, and for many other health issues like infections, rashes it has been used in China and Indonesia.

It is natural insect repellent, but bugs are beyond at bay with its uses and benefits.

How to Make Citronella Oil?

➠ Common production method is done by using steam distillation for Citronella Oil in AOS Products Private Limited.

➠ There are several queries regarding “How to make this oil at home”, so, also if you have such a query, you can follow the easy steps (This is only for college projects).

First Mix the nard grass and olive oil and stems in a low flame cooker. Cook them both for 7 to 8 hours now strain them with cheesecloth repeat the process and seal with the date and kept in a dark jar.

How to Check the Purity of Citronella Oil?

• Place one drop of the oil on paper and wait for 1 hour.

• If you see an oily ring after the product dries, it indicates an impure oil.

• You can ask your Manufacturers about the purity of their oils and the distilling process.

• Ask you’re Manufacturers for the oil and the specific name of the plant or tree from which it is derived.

• You can check the product packaging for a purity declaration.

• Last you can send your product to the lab (Commonly LAB uses the GC Test to check the quality of the oils) if you are going to use the oil for professional purposes. If you buy this oil from any of the Manufacturers like AOS Products, then you will not need any type of testing.

Benefits of Citronella Oil and How to Use?

It is an insect repellent, treat parasitic infections, anti-fungal agent, to lift mood and fight fatigue, promote wound healing and also in perfumery items

How to use?

Use of this oil in a variety of ways, some suggestions are:

➥ In Spray for freshening up a room and you can apply to your skin as insect resistant.

➥ Diffuser is used to disperse an odor from the room. Like spray, you can use this process to repel insects or make a beautiful aroma to a room. It comes in a specific set of instructions be safe with the diffuser and follow the instructions safely.

Massage Oils and Creams:

Citronella oil can be added to cream and oil for recent solicitation. Using citronella oil may help kill germs on the skin and also boost wound healing. Before using essential oil always dilute the oil with a carrier oil.

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Citronella Oil uses in Pharma, Food and Cosmetic Industries:

In Pharma Industries:

• It inhibits bacterial growth

• It provides relief from spasm

• It helps to fight depression

• It has an anti-inflammatory property

• It helps to remove toxins

• It inhibits fungal growth

• It is an insect’s repellent

• It prevents stomach disorder

In Cosmetics Industries:

➥ For glowing Skin or any health issues of skin, also this oil is very beneficial. For example, It helps to reduce warts, acne, boils, etc. Being an awesome detoxifier this oil help in reducing skin infection and prevents wounds from injuries and from getting septic. It also helps the skin to get smoother and tighten up the skin pores.

➥ citronella oil made of AOS Products Company is also used in many skin care products like sun cream lotion, oil control cream, acne cream, etc. this oil helps to prevent allergies also.

Learn Side Effects of Citronella Oil:

This essential oil may cause allergy and skin irritation. The area may become itchy, swollen, red, and blotchy. If there is a doubt of skin reaction, then apply on a small area of your skin if the skin reacts avoid using this citronella oil. Some sign of allergies is:

• difficulty breathing

• swollen throat

• red rash

• nausea

• diarrhea

• coughing

• chest conjunction.

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