Caraway Oil

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Caraway plant is a biennial plant with stem 40-60cm tall with either pink or white flowers also called as meridian fennel or Persian cumin. The plant grows well in warm, sunny locations & well drained rich soil. In warmer regions it is cultivated in winter months & in temperate climate in summer. Caraway fruits have a pungent anise like flavor & aroma. It is used in liquors, Indian Cuisine rice dishes, Desserts & other fruits, even its roots are cooked as vegetables, and even leaves are consumed as herbs like parsley. It is also used as a companion plant and can disguise scent of insects or attract beneficial insects.

It is obtained by process of steam distillation of roped seeds of caraway.


Synonyms: Caraway oil, Carum carvi, Meridian Fennel, Persian Fennel.
Botanical Name: Carum carvi.
Part Used: Ripe Seeds.
Color: Colorless to Yellow
Viscosity: Watery in viscosity
Perfumery Note: Characteristic
Shelf Life: Two Years
Density: 0.904-0.920
Refractive Density: 1.484-1.490

18 Impressive Benefits or Uses of Pure Caraway Oil:

  1. Caraway fruit oil is used as fragrance in soaps, lotions, & perfumes.
  2. It is used as a breath freshener.
  3. It can make skin bright & fair.
  4. It can cure inflammation of inner thighs.
  5. It acts as a vermifuge as it kills insects both on & inside body.
  6. It is used for digestive problems like heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite, improve control of urination, and kill bacteria in body.
  7. It is used to start menstruation & alleviate menstruation cramps.
  8. It is used in mouthwashes.
  9. It is rubbed in skin to improve local blood flow.
  10. It relieves from cough, tones heart, liver skin & muscles.
  11. It is used in flavoring medications.
  12. It improves digestion & relives spasms in stomach & intestines.
  13. It helps in increasing milk production in lactating mothers.
  14. Caraway oil can neutralize effects of histamine & cures coughs & other ailments.
  15. It acts an antiseptic & disinfectant.
  16. It is good for cardiac health m maintains proper heart rate
  17. It is carminative and is used for gas troubles.
  18. It is used as a cooking spice.
Main chemical constituents of Caraway oil are Carvone, Limonene, Acetaldehyde, Cumuninic aldehyde & furfurol.

Caraway oil can blend well with essential oils like orange oil, ginger oil, Lavender oil, Frankincense, Coriander Chamomile oil & Basil oil.

  • It can cause heartburn , nausea when used with peppermint.
  • It can cause rashes to insensitive skin when used topically.
  • Pregnant women & nursing mothers should consult doctor before using because it is known to start menstruation.
  • Caraway lowers the blood glucose level so diabetic patients should consult doctor because medication might change.
In Case of:
Eye Contact: If pure caraway oil comes in contact with eye, wash eye with plenty of water.
Skin Contact: Remove contaminated clothes if caraway oil comes in contact with skin,
Inhalation: If caraway oil is inhaled in high conc. Take the person to fresh air & obtain medical attention.

Keep the drum in cool and dark place temperature below 25 °.

Caraway oil is non toxic & non sensitizing .If it is used in high conc. It may cause skin irritation.

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