Turmeric Oil (Haldi Oil)

Turmeric Oil (Haldi Oil)

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Turmeric (curcuma longa) is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant which grows up to 1m tall and it is highly branched with aromatic rhizomes. It requires range of temperature between 20° to 30° C & sufficient amount of rainfall for the growth of rhizome. It can grow in most types of soil but it grows better in rich well drained thick clay soil.
It is a key ingredient in many dishes. In India it has been used for remedies of stomach & liver ailments it is also used to make dye. It is considered highly auspicious & holy in India.

Turmeric oil is extracted by solvent extraction method from the rhizomes (root).

Synonyms: Turmeric oil, Curcuma, Indian Saffron, Curcuma longa
Botanical Name: Curcuma longa
Part Used: Leaf, Rhizome
Color: Dark Reddish brown color
Viscosity: Watery in viscosity
Perfumery Note: Typical odor of Turmeric
Shelf Life: Two years
Density: 0.970-0.990
Refractive Density: 1.533-1.553

The chemical constituents of turmeric oil is Valeric acid, d-borneol, d sabinene, cineol, d-a phellandrene, zingeriberene, sesquiterpene.

Turmeric oil blends with essential oils like Cistus, clary sage, Ginger, Ylang ylang, Patchouli, Lavender, bergamot, cinnamon, sea buckthorn oil.


It is used in preparation of anti-inflammatory & pain relieving formulas.
It is also useful for arthritis & joint care.
It is used as spice in food industry.
PHARMA products like antifungal & antimicrobial use turmeric oil as an ingredient.
It stops formation of gas in gastrointestinal tract.
It supports liver & keeps it healthy.
It has anticancer us properties.
It prevents hair loss.
It is used to make skin look younger.
It is also used as good antivenom.
Precaution should be taken while using Turmeric oil, Excess consumption can be dangerous
Pregnant women should use turmeric oil after consulting doctors.

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