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Turpentine oil is obtained from the distillation of resin harvested from pine tree.All turpentine is produced from Pinus spp. trees. Topically Turpentine oil is us for numerous health conditions as muscle pain, nerve pain, and joint pains, etc. Buy the highest quality Online Directly from Manufacturer and Exporters At a wholesale price. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our Turpentine Oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving the 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Sign-In and Buy Now

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What is Turpentine Oil?
This Pine oil vapor can be inhaled to reduce the chest congestion.It belongs to the family Myrtaceae. The World's largest producer of turpentine is China, so local production units meet the United States for their requirements for oil. Turpentine gets oxidized when comes in contact with air and can generate heat. Turpentine is produced in many countries for direct solvent extraction of wood.

Turpentine can be uses also as the perfect solvent in cleaning agent, paints and varnishes, and especially in those countries on where the trees of pine are tapped naturally. Turpentine oil is also used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pure oil of turpentine really works, when applied to a painted wood surface; turpentine softens the paint and allows it to be wiped away. Mineral spirits have an odor that some people don't like. They may prefer to use odorless paint thinner such as turpentine oil, it cleans the brush and can remove paint that has hardened slightly. Turpentine oil is unsafe when taken orally.

Side Effects of Turpentine Oil:
Turpentine oil can cause serious side effects like kidney damage, sleeplessness, headache (Know more Essential Oil in Headache), coughing, coma, death, bleeding in the lungs, vomiting and brain damage etc. Turpentine is an organic solvent, its vapors can irritate the eyes and skin damage the lungs , central nervous system as well as respiratory system when inhaled. Ingestion of turpentine can cause vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, convulsions, burning sensations, nausea, confusion, and unconsciousness. Children are more sensitive to the chemicals in turpentine oil and they can die after ingestion.Turpentine containers should be protected from physical damage. Only non-sparking tools are used to handle turpentine.

Common Name: Turpentine balsam, Turpentine Oil BP, Turpentine Gum, Turpentine Gum Thus, Turpentine Oil IP, Turpentine Oil USP

Turpentine Oil Origin:
Poland, France, Greece, Portugal and India

Turpentine Oil Chemical Composition:
It contains 30% Beta-Pinene, Beta- Turpentine, Alpha- Turpentine, 65% Alpha- Pine and more.

Uses & Health Benefits of Turpentine oil:

  1. Turpentine oil is used in beverages and food as a flavoring agent. For flavoring ingredients, distilled turpentine oil is used.
  2. Beta-pinene, alpha-pinene present in turpentine oil is used for its anti-inflammatory benefits. Turpentine oil is used to treat the diseases like Crohn's, arthritis, and multiple sclerosis, turpentine oil relieves the pain of underneath tissue by giving warmth to them.
  3. Due to the presence of Limonene, it is used to promote weight loss, prevent cancer, treat cancer, and treat bronchitis.
  4. Turpentine oil is used in many formulations like Vicks variety, chest rub, etc.
  5. Turpentine oil is used to treat chest congestion, by inhaling the vapors of oil.
  6. Alpha-pinene present in turpentine oil can also counteract unwanted effects of THC, such as anxiety and short-term memory.
  7. Turpentine oil can be used as a lamp fuel; it is also used in industry as a solvent and as thinner for paints and varnishes.
  8. Turpentine oil is also used as an ingredient of some topical ointments which mends for muscle pain and rheumatic disorder.

7 Ways to Uses of Turpentine Oil:
  1. Turpentine oil uses in medicinal industries and making Tonic
  2. Turpentine Oil uses ad Expectorant.
  3. Turpentine Oil uses as Carminative.
  4. Turpentine Oil work as flavoring agents so useful in many food products.
  5. It is used in Wax Solvent.
  6. Turpentine Oil has properties of Anti-septic (More oil with Antiseptic properties)
  7. Turpentine Oil uses in counter-irritation medicine.

Turpentine Oil Where to Buy?
Turpentine oil BP, USP and IP produced in bulk quantity by one of the Indian Manufacturer and Exporter. We offer turpentine oil at Factory price only. Since turpentine oil has many poisoning effects so before use it you make take advice from us. We also provide free consultants for any type of pine product. Visit and learn the turpentine oil manufacturing process. Turpentine oil also uses in painting. So we care about the quality. How to make turpentine oil, we can best guide you. Gum turpentine oil or mineral turpentine oil we also keep in our store. We are the largest producers in India so Visit and Buy Now.

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sunil srivastava

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Sudharsan Mishra

Here Sudharsan Mishra from Kolkata, I am working in paint industries where often turpentine oil used in bulk. Can you quote us bulk price of turpentine oil for kolkata zone. How will you send this material for us. And how long it take to meet us

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Tnakshi Gupta

Your customer service is awesome,your website is awesome as are you price.

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Ansh rajput

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