Turpentine Oil

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Turpentine Oil:
Turpentine Oil is derived from Turpentine. Turpentine is viscous fluid consisting of two main components, Turpentine Oil and Rosin (colophony). Turpentine is exuded from coniferous trees lime Pine tree. The crude turpentine is Steam distilled into commercial turpentine, turpentine Oil.

Common Name: Turpentine balsam, Turpentine Oil BP, Turpentine Gum, Turpentine Gum Thus, Turpentine Oil IP, Turpentine Oil USP

Turpentine Oil Origin:
Poland, France, Greece, Portugal and India

Turpentine Oil Chemical Composition:
It contains 30% Beta-Pinine, Beta- Turpentine, Alpha- Turpentine, 65% Alpha- Pinine and more.

7 Ways to Uses of Turpentine Oil:

  1. Turpentine oil uses in medicinal industries and making Tonic
  2. Turpentine Oil uses ad Expectorant.
  3. Turpentine Oil uses as Carminative.
  4. Turpentine Oil work as flavoring agents so useful in many food products.
  5. It is used in Wax Solvent.
  6. Turpentine Oil has properties of Anti-septic
  7. Turpentine Oil uses in counter irritation medicine.

Turpentine Oil Where to Buy?
Turpentine oil BP, USP and IP produced in bulk quantity by one of the Indian Manufacturer and Exporter. We offer turpentine oil at Factory price only. Since turpentine oil has many poisoning effect so before use it you make take advice with us. We also provide free consultants about any types of pine products. Visit and learn turpentine oil turpentine oil manufacturing process. Turpentine oil also uses in painting. So we care the quality. How to make turpentine oil, we can best guide you. Gum turpentine oil or mineral turpentine oil we also keep in our store. We are largest producers in India so Visit and Buy Now.

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Tarkeswar here from Mumbai. I need 1 litre Turpentine oil for paint. What will be best price?

By Tarkeswar Posted On 2019-09-13

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Turpentine oil uses in medicine many types. I am from Bangalore. I am looking pure Turpentine Oil for export to Singapore. How to buy 50 kg from your portal?

By sunil srivastava Posted On 2019-09-13

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Here Sudharsan Mishra from Kolkata, I am working in paint industries where often turpentine oil used in bulk. Can you quote us bulk price of turpentine oil for kolkata zone. How will you send this material for us. And how long it take to meet us

By Sudharsan Mishra Posted On 2020-07-09

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