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It is also known as anise camphor. It is an organic compound that is widely used as flavoring substance. It contributes a large component of the odor and flavor of aniseand fennel, both in the botanical family Apiaceae. It is a colorless, fragrant, mildly volatile liquid. Most Anethole is obtained from turpentine-like extracts from trees.It is prepared commercially from 4-methoxypropiophenone, which is prepared from anisole.

Anethole properties:
Anethole is actually colorless and incredibly fragrant; it resembles basil. The compound is not completely soluble in water, which makes it better suited for ethanol. It's naturally anti-fungal and antimicrobial, which makes sense as the oils that it is often found in also share these characteristics. It holds common and potent antimicrobial properties that fight against yeast, bacteria and fungi.
Color: it appears colorless in color.
Chemical name: 1-Methoxy-4-Propenly Benzene

Anethole Essential Benefits:
It's great as a bug repellent that you can use on your body and also around the house. There are several oils that double well as an effective insecticide because of these properties.This compound also provides estrogen intrinsically, which means that for those who find they are suffering from a hormone imbalance, any type of oil that has this element in it would be helpful.

3 Unique Benefits and Uses:

  1. It is used in many food products.
  2. It is used in alcoholic drinks ouzo, rakı and Pernod.
  3. It is also used in seasoning and confectionery applications, oral hygiene products, and in small quantities in natural berry flavors.

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I saw this oil in toothpaste so i buy this oil this is having a different flavor similar to aniseed which is good if you use for your tooth or in your mothwash.

By Akhil Yadav Posted On 2019-03-04

Review Summry - Anethole (also known as anise camphor)

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Anethole is unique aromatic compound useful in scent industries in bulk. I am Anubhav Agrawal from Jaipur, and i am exporting anethole in United state, Australia, Japan, China, South Korea and more other countries. Can you quote us 100 kg price?

By Anubhav Agrawal Posted On 2020-08-21

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