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Valerian is also called as garden heliotrope; its botanical name is Valeriana Officinalis .It is native to Europe. It belongs to Valeriana ceaefamily. There are around 250 species of valerian found, out of which Valerian Officinalis is mostly used. The oil is extracted by steam distillation process. Buy Valerian root oil directly from Indian Manufacturer and supplier at best price India. We have highest Credit Ranking of A++ by Dun & Bradstreet. Our Valerian root oil is 100% Pure and Safe. We are proving 100% Secure Payment Gateway Method. So do not hesitate during Cart and Buy. Visit today, Login and Buy Now

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500 Gms 24300

Know About of Valerian Root Oil:
Valerian root oil is used as a flavoring agent. It is used to give flavor to tobacco, root beer, and fruit. Valerian is an effective nervine that has stimulating, carminative ( Know more oil has Carminative properties ) and antispasmodic properties. It is perennial plant with clusters of white and pink flowers. It grows to 4-5 feet; leaves are pinnate with lance-shaped leaflets. Fruits are feathery parachutes and blooms in June to July. The name Valerian is derived from the Latin verb 'valere' which means to feel good and to be well. It is commonly used in herbal remedies, supplements and teas for sleep disorders, anxiety and psychological stress.

Know Extraction Process:
Valerian root oil is obtained from the root of valeriana officinalis by steam distillation process.

Chemical components of Valerian Root Oil:
The main chemicals component of oil is valeno ,valepotriates, valerenic acid and a few alkaloids, chatinine, actinidine, shyanthine, valerianine, and valerine.
Valerian Root Oil:

Blend well With What?
Valerian Root essential oil blends well with Pine, Patchouli oil, Lavender oil, Mandarin oil, Cedar wood oil, and Rosemary oil.

Medicinal Properties:
Valerian root oil has following medical properties Diuretic, antidandruff, antispasmodic, anodyne, bactericidal, carminative, hypnotic, hypotensive, hypnotic, hypotensive, regulator, sedative, stomachic.

10 Amazing Uses & Health Benefits of Oil:

  1. Valerenic acid present in valerian root oil increases the level of GABA, it is a neurotransmitter that reduces brain cell activity, it also has anti-inflammatory effect.
  2. Due to the presence of Iridoids in valerian root oil, it has sedative effect, thus help in insomnia.
  3. Due to the presence of isovaleric acid in valerian root oil, it is used to treat epilepsy, it is the disease of muscle.
  4. Due to the presence of hesperidin and linarin in valerian root oil, it acts as antioxidant which prevent fine line and prevent aging process, the flavonoids having sleep promoting effect.
  5. Valerenic root oils also be used in lotions, soap making ingredients massage oils, potpourri, diffusers, scent, air fresheners.
  6. It is also used in aroma therapy, due to its sedative and relaxing effect.
  7. Valerian Root oil has been used for skin problems like eczema ulcers ( Know best essential oil uses in Eczema ), and minor sores.
  8. Valerian root oil is also helpful in pain, it gives relief from pain and relax the spasm, it is also used to treat migraine and painful periods.
  9. It also helps to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, stimulate the appetite and help in stress-related indigestion problem.
  10. Valerian root oil is aphrodisiacs in nature.

Know Safety & Precaution:
Valerian root oil is non-toxic in nature.
Can cause Possible skin sensitization.
Avoid the use of oil during pregnancy.
Should not use valerian oil along with pharmaceutical antidepressants, sedatives and alcohol.

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Dhananjay Patel
Dhananjay Patel

Valerian root essential oil has relaxing properties, so i want to use it to make some fragrance products. Can you share more details about it

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