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Ginger lily is also known as Kapur Kachari. It is extracted from flowers and root of Hedychium Spaticum. India is the largest producing country which produces ginger lily oil. Most of the varieties are cultivated in the Himalayan regions of India.

Ginger lily oil is an antibiotic, antispasmodic and anti-depressant. It assists in digestion and relieves nausea. It tones and rejuvenates the skin and reduces inflammation. It can be a very good sedative and brings in peace and calmness to the mind. It brings in total happiness to the mind and in turn makes you beautiful and strong.
It is also used in skin care, hair care, lotions, creams, hair colors, sweets and also in massage therapy. It is good for halitosis, hiccups and inflammation. The root is used for treating c and to reduce pains. It is also ideal for the overall digestive system and keeps you healthy and fit.

Extraction method:
It is extracted from flowers and root of Hedychium Spaticum by steam distillation method.
Color: Light brown/amber in color.
Botanical name: Hedychium spicatum
11 Proven Benefits and Uses:
  1. The oil is beneficial in local inflammation, asthma, boils, nausea and hiccups.
  2. It is also used to relieve in treating bronchitis pain.
  3. The oil acts efficiently against liver complaints such as diarrhea and stomach upsets.
  4. It also fights with bad mouth taste and smell.
  5. It also used in treatment of vomiting, halitosis and diminished appetite.
  6. It is also ideal for the overall digestive system and keeps you healthy and fit.
  7. It is used in the manufacture of perfumes and body care products.
  8. It is also used in hair oils to prevent hair fall and baldness.
  9. It is also helpful in food indigestion and poor blood circulations during blood clot.
  10. It also helps to treat conditions such as stress, migraines, frozen shoulders, nervous exhaustions, strains and accidental injuries.
  11. It also helps to boost the immune system, stimulates hormones, stimulates energy and induces relation.
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