Elemi Oil

Elemi Oil

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Its scientific name is Canarium Luzonicum whose resin is harvested which is pale yellow substance with consistency of honey. Elemi oil is obtained by steam distillation of resin.

Elemi oil is obtained by steam distillation of gum obtained from Elemi Tree.

It is a fragrance with sharp pine & lemon like scent. It is colorless to pale yellow in color and is also known as pili.

Its main components are phellandrene, limonene, elemol, elemicin, perpineol, carvone & terpinolene.

It blends well with franskincense, lavender, rosemary, myrrh & sage.

It is used in manufacturing of soaps.
It is ingredient in manufacturing of cosmetics & perfumes.
Elemi Essential Oil is used in paint industries.
Owing to its antiseptic properties it protects against infection.
It protects wounds from infections.
It is effective in cutting down pain related to cold, fever & sprains.
It cures headaches, migraines & muscular pain.
It also clears congestion & makes breathing easier.
It stimulates circulation, secretion of hormones & enzymes.
Elemi Oil also boosts the immune system of body.
It tones up all the organic systems functioning in body.
It is useful in treating sinusitis, joint pain, digestive disorders, mumps & chill.

It may cause irritations to people with sensitive skin.
It should not be applied on skin of babies.

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