Borage Oil

Borage Oil

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Borage is also known as starflower, is an annual Herb. Its scientific name is barrage officianalis.. It is cultivated for borage seed, from which oil is extracted. It grows up to height of 3.3 ft; flowers are white, pink or blue. Leaves are edible. It has been cultivated for culinary & medicinal uses. Borage is used either as a fresh vegetable or a dried herb. Borage has a cucumber like taste; flowers have sweet honey like taste. It is used in gastro intestinal, respiratory & cardiovascular disorders. It is also used as in companion planting.

Synonyms: Borage oil, Borage officinalis, GLA, Starflower oil,
Botanical Name: Borago officinalis
Part Used: Seeds
Color: Pale Yellow
Viscosity: Clear in Viscosity.
Perfumery Note: Characteristic
Shelf Life: 2 Years
Density: 0.40-0.60
Refractive Density: 1.470-1.490
Optical rotation: -12° to +10° C

Borage oil is extracted through cold-pressed method from borage seeds. The type of extraction process ensures that no chemicals or unnatural substances are added to the oil, generating the purest variety of borage seed oil. The method involves crushing the seeds under high mechanical force and then getting the oil from the crushed seed.

Borage oil consist of Calcium, Potassium, It also contains common salt. GLA, Palmitic acid, Oleic acid, Linolic acid, Stearic acid, Erucic acid etc.

Borage oil can blends with other Carrier oil. Blending is done with 10 % of borage oil with other carrier oils.


It is used in salads & soups.
It is used to get relieve from fever.
It is used to alleviate cold, cough.
It is used for depression.
It is used for problem adrenal insufficiency.
It is used for blood purification.
It prevents inflammation of the lungs.
It is also used as sedative.
It is also used to promote sweating.
It is used to increase breast milk production.
It is used to treat bronchitis, dermatitis.
It is used in many skin care products as it smoothens skin & gives glow to skin.
It is used as massage oil and it also reduces skin rashes in babies if they are massaged with this oil regularly
In case of
Eye Contact: if Borage oil comes in contact with eye flush the eye immediately with water and call the doctor.

Skin Contact: Borage oil uses in skin creams so no adverse effects can be seen for skin.

Inhalation: No adverse effect can be seen by inhalation of borage oil vapors.
Before using Borage oil protection must take as side effects may occur due to Physical interaction.
Borage oil should not use during Pregnancy and nursing.
Over doses for long period of time may cause potential risk.

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