white Aloe Extract

AOS 133
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   338
30 Gms 338
60 Gms 423
100 Gms 534
200 Gms 820
500 Gms 1669

Aloe Vera Extract

Clear and purified extract of Aloe Vera offer by us as white 200X Spray dried is obtained from succulent barbadesis miller leaves, succulent plant, cultivated in numerous regions North American country, China, and Shinghai.

Verified Uses-
  • It is applicable for each food and cosmetic use.
  • Scrubs, body washes, face washes, Hand sanitizers, Shaving gels, toilet powder, Facial Moisturizers etc.
  • It is conjointly used for treatment of skin problem and prevents wrinkles yet.
  • It is employed in preventing cancer.
  • It is employed in food and beverages, pharmaceutical & cosmetics application.
  • It is employed in skin cleansers because it has cleansing property and retains wetness yet.
  • It is conjointly employed in hair care merchandise as ingredients cherish hair shampoos, antidandruff shampoos, hair gels, hair conditioners because it strength the hair and conjointly add luster in hairs.
  • Sunscreen lotion because it forestall broken from actinic radiation radiation.
  • Creams and lotions because it nourish skin and improve skin physical property.
  • It moisturizes the skin equally well for all style of skin because it neither obtaining too oily or nor too dry the skin.

Clear succulent extract white is extracted from fillet that is far from succulent plant leaves, then gel is sterilized, filtered and eventually spray dried to get clear succulent extract white.

It is clear to off white fine powder in look, bitter in style and characteristic in odor.

It is composed of polysaccharides, Fatty acids, minerals and anthroquinones in inhibitor yet.

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