Aloe Butter

AOS 130
Size - 30 Gms
Price -   338
30 Gms 338
60 Gms 423
100 Gms 534
200 Gms 820
500 Gms 1669

Aloe Butter

Aloe butter is obtained from a chic succulent blends with copra oil. Succulent butter is soft solid that melts quickly in slightly heat condition. Succulent butter is employed in cosmetics skin care merchandise.

Aloe Butter is extracted from succulent barbadensis leaf (pure aloe) with Cocus nucifera (coconut oil) fatty acids by cold ironed, refined methodology.

Aloe butter is especially used for cosmetic or skin care merchandise appreciate:

  • Creams
  • Lotions
  • Soaps
  • Lip Balms
  • Baby aid
  • Pomades build hairs swish, shiny and glibly in look.
Aloe butter is pure white butter, odorless with soft texture. Succulent butter is oil miscible .

Aloe Butter is wealthy in ascorbic acid, E, B, Choline, B-12, Folic acid, extremely inhibitor and skin rejuvenating.